Zeppelin Sky Bar Sukhumvit 69 Phra Khanong

[Updating: The Zeppelin Sky Bar has recently come under new management and has been rebranded. It is now the Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant; the sky bar still boasts the same incredible views, however both the food and the drinks menus have been refreshed.]

Anyone who’s been in Bangkok long enough knows that the city has it’s share of rooftop or sky bars. At this point, the trend has grown so popular that it’s become hard to really tell the difference between most of them, except for the one that was featured in that Hollywood movie about three grown men getting drunk and doing wild things.

Zeppelin Sky Bar Sukhumvit 69
Full unrestricted views at Cielo (Zeppelin) Sky Bar & Restaurant, Bangkok.

So it comes as a pleasant surprise to find that one of the latest additions to the high-altitude scene is actually substantially different. The Cielo Sky Bar (previously the Zeppelin Sky Bar) on Sukhumvit 69 is located a few minutes walk away from the Phra Khanong BTS station, just past Ekkamai, and tends to draw a different crowd from the other rooftop bars. Here, you don’t need to come overdressed or formal; just come smart & casual, and enjoy the stunning views from the tallest high rise in the area.

Zeppelin Sky Bar Sukhumvit 69

Although the views are impressive, they aren’t the only reason to visit the Cielo Sky Bar. With a wide variety of cocktails to suite your taste and without the scrum often found at some of Bangkok’s more famous sky bars, Cielo is the perfect place to relax and unwind with friends, family or that special someone.

Cocktails and wine at Zeppelin Bangkok Sky Bar

Cielo Sky Bar Menu Bangkok (Previously Zeppelin Sky Bar)
A variety of teas, coffees, smoothies and international dishes can be found on the menu at Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant, Bangkok.

The Cielo menu caters to a variety of budgets and offers a small selection of well known international dishes. Try the simple Spaghetti Carbonara (250 Baht), the fancy Roasted Duck with Fresh Orange Thyme Sauce (320 Baht), or the decadent Australian ribeye steak (850 Baht).

Cocktails at teh Cielo Sky Bar, Phra Khanong, Bangkok
A variety of cocktails are also on offer at Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant

The real highlight of Cielo though has to be the views. At 46 floors up, and poised on top of the tallest high-rise in the area, the Cielo Sky Bar produces fantastic, panoramic views of Bangkok.

Zeppelin Sky Bar Sukhumvit 69, Bangkok
Wide, unrestricted views of Bangkok.

Cielo Sky Bar, Phra Khanong, Bangkok

The 46th floor view provides glimmers of the Chao Praya in the distance, as lower Sukhumvit bursts into life at the onset of night. The atmosphere of the bar itself is worth noting as well – a romantic chic industrial design, with sleek polished interiors, and a cleverly-designed terrace that allows you to feel as if you have the view all to yourselves while enjoying it in the company of friends or loved ones.

Zeppelin Sky Bar Sukhumvit 69

One of the standout highlights of the Zeppelin Sky Bar was the “Skywalk”; a glass walkway through the restaurant and bar that allows you to see all the way through to the building to the swimming pool below. Daredevils and thrill-seekers will be pleased to know that the Skywalk has remained unchanged in the new Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant.

Zeppelin Skybar 'Skywalk' glass bridge
Cielo Sky Bar ‘Skywalk’ glass bridge

Although those with a fear of heights may want to steer clear, or at least keep their head pointed upward, all others are sure to get a rush from looking at a view that reaches well over 150 meters down.

Zeppelin Skybar 'Skywalk' glass bridge
Do you dare to walk across the Skywalk glass bridge?

The Cielo Sky Bar is a new addition to the sky bar scene which makes it is a great choice if you want to escape the other overcrowded bars. Now is the time to take advantage of its position as possibly the best alternative to the often ritzy atmosphere of most of its competition.

Cielo Sky Bar, Phra Khanong, Bangkok
Clear views of the stunning Bangkok sunset at the Cielo Sky Bar.
Zeppelin Sky bar Bangkok
A peaceful, romantic atmosphere awaits you at the Cielo Sky Bar.

To reach the Cielo (Zeppelin) Sky Bar, just take the BTS Sukhumvit Line to Phra Khanong Station, exit 3, then walk with the traffic until you reach the large W District sign at the Tom N Toms. Turn left towards the 7-Eleven then continue walking for a minute around the condominium. Find the entrance to the building on the right-hand side.

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