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London Pie Bangkok - Serious about pies

London Pie: Real British Pies Come To Bangkok

When a pie shop in Bangkok makes better pies than most pubs in England, you know you’ve found something special. Their tag-line is ‘We’re Serious About Pies’ - and believe us when we tell you that they aren’t kidding. Any Brits in Bangkok should take note - if you are feeling homesick and in need of some comfort food - look no further than this delectable deli. We stumbled upon…

The Burger Factory in Bangkok

The Burger Factory: Freshly Made, However-You-Like-It Burgers In Bangkok

If you’re finding it hard to find a proper burger in Bangkok, look no further than The Burger Factory. With a dazzling array of dishes on the menu, a cool, chic industrial interior and a warm, cozy and welcoming vibe, The Burger Factory ticks all the boxes and is one of the most talked about burger places in Bangkok. This place has a big, varied menu, but let’s start with…