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Theta State Float Center Bangkok - Bangkok Adventures

Theta State Float Center: Bangkok’s Premier Floatation Therapy Spa

Described as a place for self discovery and relaxation, the Theta State Float Center is your own private oasis in which you can lose track of time, relieve stress and experience the feeling of being completely weightless. At the heart of this luxury float spa are the state of the art, soundproof, lightproof, sensory deprivation tanks in which you can bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Once…

Cataholic Cat Café in Bangkok

Cataholic Cat Café: Bangkok’s Most Laid Back Pet Café

If you are looking for somewhere quiet, yet quirky, to meet up with a friend for a catch up and a drink, you've just found the ideal place. The Cataholic Cat Café might not appear to be anything special from the outside, but step in and you'll be greeted with a warm atmosphere and some feline friends awaiting your affection. When you enter the cafe, you'll notice it's bright and open feel. The…