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Cat Cafe by Dome, Bangkok

Cat Cafe by Dome: Family-Friendly Feline Fun!

The Cat Cafe by Dome is one of the smaller cat cafes Bangkok's, but there is truth in the fact that good things often come in small packages. What is lacks in size it makes up for in friendliness, and the 6 extremely playful cats that call The Cat Cafe by Dome home really love human attention. The Cat Cafe by Dome is one of the latest additions to Bangkok's pet cafe scene…

Sky Yoga at I Love Pilates

I Love Pilates: The Anti-Gravity Fly-Yoga Studio in Bangkok

If you practice traditional mat-based yoga but are looking to add a spin (pun intended!) to your yoga workout, the fly-yoga classes at I Love Pilates studio might just be the place for you. Although this place is called I Love Pilates don't be fooled, they also do standard and fly-yoga classes. We spotted this well situated studio from the Udom Suk BTS and were intrigued by the yogis hanging in…

Rock Domain Climbing Gym, Bangkok

Rock Domain Climbing Gym In Bangkok: Climb On!

Craving adventure and an adrenaline rush in the big city? If you’re anything like us you’re probably always on the look out for an exciting activity to keep you occupied for a few hours. Look no further than Rock Domain Climbing Gym in the Bangna area of Bangkok - which could be the best climbing gym in Bangkok. Rock Domain is not only the best climbing gym in Bangkok, but…